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Miten nopeasti aika kuluukaan, pikkutyttö on jo 4 vuotta!
Och tiden bara flyger iväg, lillflickan är redan 4 år!

Löysin hyvän kuvauksen meistä scrapbooking-faneista täältä.
Här hittade jag en bra beskrivning av oss som tycker om att scrappa.

You might be a scrapbooker if ...

10. Your baby's first word is "Cheese".

9. You've ever staged a photograph just so you can use that cute new embellishment you just got.

8. You see your family more through the pictures you scrap than in real life.

7. You've never sewn a piece of clothing in your life, but you buy a mini sewing machine just to sew on your scrapbook pages.

6. You're disappointed when you get gift certificates to your favourite clothing store instead of the scrapbook store.

5. You buy your child a new outfit just to match the new patterned paper you just bought.

4. Your family can't find a place to eat because the table is full of scrapbooking supplies.

3. Your 4-year-old knows the difference between a brad and an eyelet.

2. You evaluate how good a family outing is by the number of scrapbook pages you can create from it.

1. Your husband asks you in the morning "Who is Bazzill? You were talking in your sleep last night ... Is it another man?"

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